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May 2011 - Strategy in a time of uncertainty




September 2011 - Defend Local Markets



September 2011 - The crisis in industrial communities




October 2011 - Future of the welfare state




March 2013 "Localism in London" 


- on 18 March 2013 Michael spoke on this subject at an LSE London seminar. He outlined progress on Neighbourhood Planning, parish councils, and community rights in London - but argued that localism was neither the most interesting nor the most important thing that was happening in London government.


See presentation here:



May 2013 "Economic Strategies from the bottom up"


- see Michael's presentation at the annual comgress of the Academy of Urbanism in Bradford on 16 May 2013:





July 2013 - Spending Review 2013


On 5 July 2013, Michael Ward presented an initial analysis of what the government's spending review means for the North of England. See the slides here:


July 2013 - Future of London


On 4 July 2013 Michael gave evidence at the Planning Committee of the London Assembly, commenting on Boris Johnson's Vision of London in 2020. Details on the Assembly website.

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