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Michael's recent publications include:


             * "Where next for Local Enterprise Partnerships?" report by Smith

                 Institute and RSA published June 2013, edited by Michael Ward and

                 Sally Hardy.  


             *  Michael's report "Public Services North" was published by the Smith

                Institute on 26 February 2013. Read it here:


             *  Rebalancing the Economy: prospects for the North


                 Published by the Smith Institute think tank in March 2011, this study

                 looks at the impact of Coalition economic policies on the North of

                 England. See a copy here:



             *  High Speed Rail: is everyone on board?


                Written jointly with Paul Clark and Katrina Doyle, and published by Clark

                Doyle and Ward, this was the first comprehensive stakeholder survey of

                attitudes to the HS2 project. It was published in September 2011

                The report called on Government to clarify the economic case for HS2.


                Read the report here:


            *  Beatrice Webb: her quest for a fairer society  


                In 2011, Michael worked with  the Smith Institute and the Webb

                Memorial Trust  on a major project to commemmorate Beatrice

                Webb's 1909 Minority Report on the Poor Law. His short book,

                "Beatrice Webb: her quest for a fairer society" was published in

                October. Download it here:


            * Economic Development in the North of England under the Coalition


               In December 2011 the journal Local Economy published an article by

               Michael on prospects for the North. Read it here:







Beatrice Webb - Her quest for a fairer society Final PDF Rebalancing the economy - prospects for the North CDW HSR Report Changing Gear is localism the new regionalism PDF Public Services North PDF Final Feb 2013 Where next for Local Enterprise Partnerships